​​The Fourth International Conference on Industrial Informatics - Computing Technology, Intelligent Technology, Industrial Information Integration 

Shantou, China  

December 18-19, 2020


Travel in Shantou


Local landscape



  • The bird's-eye view of Shantou University
  • Nan’ao  Island
  • Nan'ao Bridge
  • Zhongshan Pavilion
  • Shantou Coastal Corridor
  • Lotus Pond
  • Gentleman Sculpture Group

3、Queshi Scenic Area


         The strong industrial vibe is evident on the road and buildings. However, you can still explore the historic buildings in its outskirt. You will get to mingle with the locals along the street at night. From downtown Shantou, take a 15-minute ferry ride to the Queshi Scenic Area, which is almost like an island on its own. Treat yourself to the sights of evergreen hilltops and beautiful flora and fauna. Besides exploring the caves, you can also ascend to one of the scenic spots to get a bird's-eye view of the surrounding gulf.

4、Nan'ao Island


         Nan'ao is one of China's best island resorts. The beaches of Nan'ao Island are, of course, beautiful, some of the most pristine in Guangdong Province, but Nan'ao offers much more than sand and surf. It's home to an active fishing community and an oyster farm, so you can guarantee that everything the seafood restaurants serve is fresh and delicious. There are also wide protected areas for scenic hiking and cycling. You can get here by a short ferry ride or by a bus along the recently-constructed Nan'ao bridge from each mainland.