​​The Fourth International Conference on Industrial Informatics - Computing Technology, Intelligent Technology, Industrial Information Integration 

Shantou, China  

December 18-19, 2020


Travel in Shantou


Local landscape



  • The bird's-eye view of Shantou University
  • Nan’ao  Island
  • Nan'ao Bridge
  • Zhongshan Pavilion
  • Shantou Coastal Corridor
  • Lotus Pond
  • Gentleman Sculpture Group

1、Shantou Small Park and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Pavilion


         With the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Pavilion at its center, the Port Opening Area of Shantou Small Park is a cultural landmark in Shantou's old town. There are dozens of old veranda buildings, which are now repurposed as department stores and museums. The Small Park area has witnessed Shantou's development from a small fishing village to an emerging port city since it opened to the outside world in 1860. The area is still close to the heart of Shantou people from all over the world, as it carries the century-old commercial culture and memory of the city.

2、Shantou Coastal Corridor


         The Sea View Promenade is located on Haibin Road, Jinping District. It is a section of a seawall built along the south bank. The scenery is beautiful and pleasant, and the traffic is convenient. There is a ferry terminal next to it. The various ships parked on the river banks are also interesting, and sometimes fishermen can be seen fishing. This not-too-long corridor is an excellent place for a relaxing walk. Take a scenic walks and stop here to enjoy a great view of Shantou Bay.